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Wednesday, 31 January 2018 06:23:06 PM -0500
 Product: GROOVE PALS™

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Conditions/ Condiciones// Condições
 5,400 units available. Fast Turnover - US$ 9.80 per unit
 EX-WAREHOUSE, Los Angeles, CA - USA  
 5,400 unidades disponibles. Produto Rapido de Venta US$ 9.80    / und.
EX-WAREHOSE - Los Angeles, CA  - EUA 
 5,400 unidades disponiveis. Produto de Venda Rapida US$ 9.80 / und. EX-
WAREHOUSE Los Angeles, CA- EUA .

Part Number #:      Product: GROOVE PALS™ - Mini SPEAKERS  - Online Price US$ 29.99 to US$ 35.00
                                                                                                                                                                             Your price Only US$ 9.80 per unit


Product Description/ Descrición del Producto/ Descrição do Produto

  Presenting the Groove Pal (PANDA, PENGUIN, POLAR, KOALA, OWL, TIGER -  Mini Speaker Speakers Family  

These very portable speakers are not Bluetooth activated but deliver a very rich, dynamic sound when connected to your phone, tablet or computer. 


About the size of a small coffee mug not taking up much space on your desk.


Feature dual side-firing drivers and a passive sub-woofer.


They come in (6) different animal figures


Find them on Amazon from $29.99 to $37.49 on Overstock.com. (These are NOT the JR size that sell for $19.99.)

 Your price Only US$ 9.80 per unit

Packed 12 per case / 


 pcs per pallet ......

11 pallets with 40 cases on each - 5,280 pcs PLUS an additional (3) cases 

making the Total - 5400 pcs.

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