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Conditions/ Condiciones// Condições
4,500 units available. Fast Turnover - US$ 6.75 per unit
 FOB - NJ (New Jersey) - USA  - 24 units per case
4,500 unidades disponibles. Produto Rapido de Venta US$ 6.75/ und. - FOB
EX-WAREHOSE - NJ - New Jersey - USA - 24 und. por caja
4,500 unidades disponiveis. Produto de Venda Rapida US$ 6.75/ und. EX-
WAREHOUSE NJ - New Jersy - EUA . - und, por caixa

Part Number #:      Product: SPORT SEAT™ - Great product  - Online Price US$ 24.99 - Your price Only US$ 6.75 per unit

Product Description/ Descrición del Producto/ Descrição do Produto


Sit anywhere, anytime, while carrying the Folding Seat/Walking Stick. This ultra-lightweight, 28 oz. walking stick quickly and easily converts into a comfortable seat for remarkable versatility. The plastic hand and seat, combined with an anodized aluminum frame provides durability and is designed to hold up to 250 lbs. Approved for airline travel, the Sports Seat Folding Seat/Walking Stick is a must-have for travel or watching sporting events.


·  Folding seat/walking stick combination provides the convenience of sitting anywhere, anytime

·  Rugged construction features plastic handle and seat, along with anodized aluminum frame

·  Ultra-lightweight design allows for hassle-free transportation and use

·  Easy open and closing design allows for fast engagement

·  Measures approximately 34” ( 86.36 cm) tall when used as a walking stick

·  Measures approximately 21” (53.5 cm) tall when used as a seat

·  Designed to comfortably hold a 250-lb. ( 113.5 kgs) person

TSA-approved for airline travel


Additional Information/ Informacion Adicional/ Informação Adicional

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